The Taste of Wisdom

Kombucha has been consumed for over 2000 years as a health giving beverage made byfermenting tea. This is a very popular health drink for those who know of its benefits.Experience "Madi Kombucha", the cultured, sophisticated taste of this ancient brew. 


Assam tea is well known for over hundred years in tea history. It grows naturally on the Northern Thai plateau and is picked in summer at the peak of its flavour. "Madi Kombucha Summer Tea" is silky smooth and very refreshing.


Winter tea is made, employing the skills, knowledge and practice of expert fermented tea makers. Oolong tea grows slowly and naturally in the warm winter weather of Thailand and its quality, both in taste and aroma cannot be surpassed by other seasonal Oolong tea. Enjoy the rich quality of "Madi Kombucha Winter Tea"